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Watch different channels on 2 different TV's
The AITech Wireless Cable TV includes its own tuner, allowing you to independently watch different channels on 2 different TV's using only one cable line. Also, send Satellite, DVDs, TiVo, Direct TV and more to other TVs anywhere in the house.

Save extra cable box and monthly fees
Saves you the additional cable boxes or extra monthly fees by sending Cable TV wirelessly to another room.

No wires to run, no holes to drill
Wirelessly go through walls, floors, doors and windows and you can easily watch Cable, DVDs, TiVo, Direct TV, and satellite from any source in another room without Wires or cables.

RF Channel Synchronization
Automatically synchronizes the wireless frequency between the transmitter and the receiver, making it easier to reduce interference from other wireless devices.

Extra receivers available to transmit to multiple TVs
With the purchase of additional receivers, you can transmit to multiple TVs or other components throughout your home.

IR Remote Extender
Change channels at the remote TV without having to be in the same room.

Eliminate the interference
4 selectable frequencies to eliminate the interference. RF Channel Synchronization will automatically synchronize the wireless frequency between the transmitter and the receiver, making it easier to reduce interference from other wireless devices

    AITech Wireless Cable TV

    Turn your hard-wired cable TV connection
    into a wireless video transmission system!

    Buy Direct and Save! 


"Better than ever"  "Great picture"  "No other product has these features"

AITech's Wireless Cable TV allows you to wirelessly transmit your analog cable TV channels right from the cable that comes into your house to a remote TV.  Just connect the Transmitter to your analog cable and the Receiver to a TV in another room that doesn't have a cable connection.  Just like that, you can enjoy watching all your analog channels anywhere you want to put a TV.   Whether you want a TV in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, back porch or any room without a cable connection, the AITech Wireless Cable TV makes extending your Cable TV signal easy.

The Wireless Cable TV features an IR Remote Control, IR Extender, RF Channel Synchronization, On-Screen Menu, Built-In Analog Cable TV Tuner and more!  It's easy to set up and use.  If you can hook up a DVD player, you can handle this project.


  • On-Screen Menu
  • Watch Your Digital Channels Too
  • RCA/Composite Output on RX
  • Input and Output on TX
  • Range: 150'  Line of sight transmission can be up to 150 feet. Range in typical homes and offices is 50-100 feet through walls, floors/ceilings and furniture.
  • RF Coax Cable Splitter Included
  • Two Way Communication
  • 4 Selectable Frequencies.

The AITech Wireless Cable TV is designed to give you quality independent wireless cable TV to any remote television in your home.

Now, let’s decide if the Wireless Cable TV is the right product for your application.
I have “Basic” and/or Digital Cable with a Digital Box and would like to watch independent “Basic” Cable TV and/or my Digital Channels in my kitchen, back porch, sun room, play room, spare bedroom, garage, work shop, or even outside on the pool deck without running cable. If desired, I would also like to view my Digital Channels and control the entire operation of the Digital Box from my remote TV location. If we have described your application, the Wireless Cable TV is the right product for you.

With the Wireless Cable TV, you will be able to control your Digital Box from the remote location using our exclusive IR Remote Modulation System.

AITech Wireless Cable TV System with IR Remote, Full Independent Wireless Cable TV, RF Channel Synchronization, IR Remote Extender, On Screen Menu and More....

Customer Testimonials

Dale Schweinberger, San Marcos, CA 5 stars
I received the 06-080-008-01 Wireless Cable TV setup and I am thrilled with its operation and how well it goes through my walls from the living room to my office.  The picture and sound are just as good at my remote TV as it is on the main TV for both regular and digital pictures.  I am so pleased I want to order an additional Wireless Receiver for the system so I can connect it to my bedroom TV. In the long run it will save me a great deal of money over the rental of additional DVR units from my cable provider.

M. K - This thing is awesome!!!! 5 stars
This thing ROCKS!!!! This is the BEST transmission system I EVER had. I had Terk Leapfrog, RF-Link5811, and tried that X10 Pyramid, Radio Shack. NONE of these things hold a candle to this guy. It’s fantastic. I can even watch DVD on it. It doesn’t have directions too well, but I figured it out by playing with it. I love the fine tune button, the RF button - that helps. And the TV/AV button. Those buttons on the remote that comes with this unit are the key. You can use your digital remote to your digital cable box and change the channels!!!! So now all I have to do is try and get my universal remote and have it change channels on the digital cable box and I can change channels from by bedroom or basement. It’s AWESOME. These are priceless. I can’t imagine anyone else trying to make a better product.

Ashley08  - The product works great for me.. 5 stars
I just got this product from a friend last month and it works great for me. By using AITech Wireless Cable TV, I’m able to watch my favorite reality show, the Hills in the bedroom while my boyfriend was watching Family Guy in the living room. The distance between my bedroom and the living room is about 50 feet and the image is pretty stable. Before I had this cable extender, I used to pay $13 per month for renting another cable box to avoid fighting with my boyfriend. Anyway, I love this product and I was thinking to get some of these to my girlfriends as Christmas gifts.

Wayne - Great Deal ! 5 stars
What motivated me to look into buying this product with the Multiple-Receiver option. After learning about his technology from AITech, I was no longer willing to pay 'extra receiver' monthly 'rental' fees to my Cable company. They charge too much for the feature. AITech's total solution works perfectly for me and I now own it. They will work even if I switch to Satellite TV later. My family anticipates to save at least hundreds of dollars down the road with AITech's Wireless Cable TV!

Michael Wagner, Glasgow, KY 5 stars
We were looking for a way to view on small kitchen TV. Since the digital change has taken place on our local channel, we could no longer use it with the small antenna. Due to location difficulty of wires couldn't connect it with our cable system. Your wireless cable device was easy to connect and directions were easy to follow. We are now enjoying the morning news again in the kitchen. Thanks!

Package Contents:

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Cable TV Transmitter
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Cable TV Receiver
  • RF/IR Remote Control
  • IR Remote Extender
  • (2) 120V AC Power Adapters
  • (1) Coaxial Cable for RF Connection
  • (2) RCA Audio/Video Cables for Composite Connection
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • 1 Year Warranty
Installation and Troubleshooting Docs
Download Product Manual

AITech Part #: 06-080-008-01

Customer Comments

• I am so impressed with AITech’s wireless solution. The product installation is absolutely easy as advertised.  The reception is also very good, consistent and clear as advertised. Thanks AITech!

• Beautiful picture and sound. The remote is easy to set up and functions perfectly. Your wireless solution is exactly what I was looking for!

• Within 10 minutes out of the box, I got great remote reception and control of my DirecTV receiver. Highly recommend AITech’s wireless system.