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  Corporate Overview

Founded in 1987, AITech International Corporation is the industry leader in the development and delivery of PC to TV scan conversion technology. The company develops and markets PC to TV video scan conversion technology in integrated circuits, external system peripherals, and internal board-level products, for use in portable or desktop video, multimedia, imaging and other applications. Its patented VSPro^(TM) technology converts the computer's VGA signal to NTSC and PAL TV standards. AITech's high performance chips, boards and peripherals, including the best selling Pocket Scan Converter, AIGotcha!^(TM)2 video capture device and the AIT1168 single chip scan conversion integrated circuit, are marketed worldwide. AITech's latest engineering accomplishment, the AIT2138, raises the performance standard as a feature rich, high resolution PC/TV single chip solution sure to dominate the global OEM TV display markets.

  Technology & Applications

Scan conversion transforms the video output of PCs video output (non-interlaced VGA RGB) to a television-compatible format (interlaced NTSC or PAL). This enables PC video output to be viewed on a television set, which is typically the larger screen. The television video broadcast signal used in the U.S. is known as NTSC, for National Television Standards Committee. Countries in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world use the PAL (Phase Alternating Line) broadcast standard. Scan Conversion technology enables users to display PC-based images such as animation, slide shows, financial presentations, and Web sites on large screen televisions (direct view and rear-projection). These applications may take place in boardrooms, classrooms, conference rooms and function halls where larger audiences gather. Family and home entertainment applications are very popular as well. With minimal effort and low cost, scan conversion enhances the enjoyment of video game play, 'surfing the Net', and computer DVD movies by enabling them to be viewed on any television.

  Patented Technologies

VSPro™ is AITech's patented video signal processing technology, which is used in the company's scan conversion products. It is becoming the dominant technology in its industry, and is considered by many to be the de facto standard for scan conversion.
VSPro is a high-speed, digital signal processing technology. It is implemented in AITech's single chip scan converter products, such as the AIT2138 and AIT1168. The IC architecture, feature sets, and programmable options provide complete single-chip system solutions for all PC-to-TV applications. AITech pioneered the single-chip integration of analog-to-digital (ADC) conversion, color space conversion, digital filtering, precise PLL timing, video encoding, and digital-to-analog (DAC) output of the NTSC/PAL signals. These and other innovations make VSPro the most advanced, yet cost-effective scan conversion technology available. Due to the differences between VGA and TV signals, converted images are often unstable and "flicker". AITech has developed the proprietary FlicFree™ filter, a significant part of VSPro technology. The Flic-Free™ filter provides selectable filter settings to produce a clear and stable TV image.