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HDMI 4-Port Switch

4 Inputs, 1 Output

Full HD 1080p Supported

Provide additional HDMI connections to your HDTV
— Connect up to 4 HDMI devices to any HDTV with an HDMI input. Avoid the frustrations of having to swap out video devices because your display doesn't have enough HDMI inputs to accommodate them.

Eliminate Cable Clutter
— Enables you to have a cleaner and simpler home entertainment setup by eliminating cable clutter. No more untidy cables around your state-of-the-art HDTV set!

Time Saving
— No need to disconnect and reconnect HDTV devices—everything is always connected and accessible.

    HDMI is the newest video and audio interface that meets the HDTV requirement.  The video and audio connection is made with one cable, and supports the highest video resolution up to 1080p.  There are many video and audio devices that provide the HDMI interface, such as DVD players, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray DVD, PlayStation 3, Satellite Receivers, and Home Theater systems, but many HDTV’s only have one HDMI input.  The AITech 4-Port HDMI Switch Box is the answer.  Connect up to 4 HDMI devices to any HDTV with an HDMI input.

Click here to download a datasheet in PDF format.

  • 4 Inputs and 1 Output

  • Full HD 1080p Supported

  • HDCP  Compliant

  • DTS, Dolby, 7.1 Channel Audio

  • Gold Plated Connectors

  • IR Remote Controlled

  • Integrated Amplifier and Equalizer Extends HDMI cable length

  • HDMI 1.3 Compliant

  • All-metal housing

What’s Included
  • 4 Port HDMI Switch Box

  • 5VDC 1 A Power Adapter

  • Remote Control Unit

  • User’s Manual

Dimensions:  7”L  x  3”W  x  1.25”H

AITech P/N:  06-888-007-88

*AITech HDMI Cables Sold Separately