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  • Simultaneous display on PC/laptop and up to two TVs
  • Plug and Play, easy installation, no software driver
  • Takes only a couple of minutes to connect
  • Features high quality DVD movie playback with low CPU consumption
  • Uses AITech’s FlicFree™ and VSPro™ technologies for the sharpest flicker- free images possible
  • Extend the range between PC and TV with the high-performance 20-feet audio and video (dual S-video/RCA) cables
  • Display high resolution computer images on any TV

MaxView Cinema Kit

    The Same Great MaxView High-Performance Video Converter You Trust

    Now With 20 Foot Audio and Video Cables!
    Get the big picture! Start Watching DVDs, Video On Demand movies and Internet video clips on your big-screen TV. No need to buy a stand-alone DVD player when you can use MaxView to integrate your PC’s existing DVD drive into your home theater.  With the 20-foot video and audio cables you have the flexibility to start enjoying movies, PC games and surfing the Internet from your couch. Make Computer Time Family Time.
Download Datasheet
Download Product Manual


Enjoy the power of DVD and Video-on-demand in your family room!

  • Business: Enhance your presentation and captivate your audience with compelling multimedia content.
  • Education: Make a difference in the classroom: Research studies indicate that students learn up to 30% faster when lesson plans include multimedia content. Use the big-screen TV to capture student attention and create an effective learning environment.
  • Entertainment: Turn your PC into an interactive family experience. Bring the family together around the big-screen to enjoy watching DVD movies, surfing the Internet and playing PC games.
  • On the Go: Ideal for mobile users. Convenient, lightweight, and affordable alternative to projectors.


  • Compatible with all TV's (Standard, HDTV, LCD and Plasma) that have an RCA/Composite or S-Video input
  • Plug and Play, easy installation, no software driver
  • Display high resolution computer images (up to 1024 x 768 x 16.7 million colors) on any TV
  • Simultaneous display on PC/laptop and up to two TVs
  • Simultaneous S-Video and RCA/composite connection to TVs, VCRs or other video devices.  Uses AITech’s FlicFree™ and VSPro™ technologies for the sharpest flicker- free images possible
  • Extend the range between PC and TV with the included high-performance 20-foot audio and video (S-video, RCA/composite video and stereo audio) cables

Customer Testimonials

Worx Great, December 31, 2008      
A Customer from eastern, KY
bought this to convert VGA on a laptop using vista to a big screen projector at my church using s-video. the s-vid cable from the MaxView to the projector is high quality, and 75ft long, so the external power supply is more of a help in this situation than a hindrance as it helps boost the signal. it worked great right out of the box. once you get the resolution right for your screen, no more worries.
Great choice, June 21, 2008      
By  Karl Phillips  (Honolulu)
I was looking for a way to tie my computer into my TV so when I did streaming video I was not limited to the smaller computer screen, and after several false starts (and being told was not possible by jokers in stores wanting to sell me a newer plasma TV), I found this. I bought it believing I would have to get additional cords and splitters to make it work and not interfere with the monitor, but I was wrong. Though not clear from the product description, it splits the signal for you, and has all the cords necessary to connect to a regular TV. Some of the streaming video sites now offer streaming video into the TV, but this allows me to play everything on my TV. The resolution isn't what you would expect on a computer monitor, but that is the TV's fault, not this product. Quality is normal for pre-HD TVs, don't know what it is on newer models. Definitely recommend this product.
A good piece of equipment                                                              
Hamilton from Norman, OK
Easy plug-in. Worked right away. Very simple to use, included excellent extended connection cords and worked very well. The computer (Dell Laptop running Vista) had no problem with the display. Computer automatically adjusted resolution.



  • 15-pin VGA analog RGB signal
  • Multiple input frequencies
  • 640 x 480 @ 60-85 Hz
  • 800 x 600 @ 60-85 Hz
  • 1024 x 768 @ 60-70 Hz

  • Output

  • S-Video (S-VHS)
  • Composite (RCA)
  • VGA bypass
  • NTSC output

  • Power Requirements

  • 5 volts DC, 800 mA, center negative polarity (AC adapter included)
  • FCC Class B & CE Certified

    Minimum System Requirements

  • Compatible with all PCs, laptops, and Macs with a VGA connector (except iMac and eMac)
  • Windows (all versions), Macintosh OS, Linux, etc.

    Package Contents
  • MaxView Video Converter
  • 20-Foot S-Video and RCA/Composite Video Cables
  • 20-Foot Stereo Audio Cable
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual

Limited Warranty: One Year   Extended Warranty: Available

AITech Part #: 06-071-002-61  MaxView Cinema Kit with 20' audio & video cables
(For the 6-Foot cable version, see the MaxView)