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  • Transfers high quality and uninterrupted video/audio to remote areas within a home, office, school, training facility, supermarket, hospital, hotel, club or church…etc.
  • Works with digital TV converter box, sends AV signal to any TV in any room.
  • Wirelessly transmits AV signal from TiVo, Satellite, DVD player, PC…to an AV display (TV, flat panel, projector and PC monitor) anywhere in the home.
  • Works with camcorder or CCD camera as a wireless surveillance monitoring system.
  • Plug-and-Play. No hassle for software and network setting
  • Avoids the difficulty and costs of running wire/cable through floors and walls.
  • No more unsightly wires and cables all over the place.
  • Built-in IR extender allows remote control of the A/V source.
  • Auto NTSC and PAL detection.

ProA/V Media Extender – 5GHz Digital is a digital signal-processor that converts your audio/video stream to digital MPEG2 Transport Stream format (MPEG-TS), and transmits it wirelessly via 5GHz digital radio frequency signals. This enables a wireless connection between video/audio sources (for example, DVD, VCR, PVR, STB, and PC) and a video/audio display (SDTV, LCD TV, projector or video monitor).  The digital advantage provides superior image and audio quality and interference-free transmission over conventional analog wireless A/V senders.

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  • With this Digital Media Adapter, high quality video and audio can be wirelessly streamed from a A/V source (PC, set-top box, satellite receiver, digital video recorder, DVD player, etc.) to a A/V display (TV, flat panel, projector and PC monitor) anywhere in the home through walls for distance up to 250 feet.
  • Create wireless home/ office surveillance system. (by connecting with a camcorder or CCD camera)
  • Listen to hi-fi stereo in a remote location without having to run speaker wires from your hi-fi stereo system to your powered or amplified speakers.



Expanding your viewing capability! May 24, 2009                                                 
A Customer from Colorado Springs, CO


To avoid interference from any 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz application such as Cordless phone, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Microwave …etc. This 5GHz Digital Wireless AV sender becomes the best system I ever have. It’s so easy to install. I transmitted my satellite signal by using this system and got a crystal clear picture on the TV in my bedroom. Great quality product with excellent range transmission. TV picture and sound are very clear, just as good as wired-transmission. Extremely helpful for applications where running wire is not workable or when location flexibility is desired.  I highly recommend buying this system.

I am a happy customer.  June 19, 2009                                                                  
Bill from Ottawa, ON


The unit works well, even when in close proximity to a 2.4 GHz 802.11G network, 2.4 GHz telephone - even during phone conversations, a 900 MHz wireless headset, and several Bluetooth devices, all powered, all working at the same time. I like this unit because it is not too sensitive about placement of the sender and receiver like many products and the video and audio quality is excellent. Unlike some units on the market (at least from reviews I’ve read), I can sit directly between the sender and receiver and not disrupt the signal. In my test there were also two walls and about 20 feet between the units, and some furniture and me! The transmission path between the units seems very robust.

High quality product!    August 3, 2009                                                                   


When I first got it in the mail I was really excited. I got it open, it came with directions that were easy to follow, took me maybe about 10 mins to set up. Then I turned everything on. I have a T.V. in the livingroom and it's hooked up to cable. I wirelessly connected it to the tv in my room, which is upstairs. It helped me save on getting another connection. I thought the box would have just as good of quality of a picture, and I was right! I don't know, I guess I may have had my doubts in the beginning, but after reading more into it, and actually using it, it turns out that 5 gigs is more than enough and it seemed to work like a normal tv connection. That was last week when I set it up, I don't even hear the thing running so I forget that it's there half the time! hahahaha!!! I'm glad that it worked out, I may have to buy one for my mom for Christmas now, but we'll see how good she is this year, hahahaha!!! ;) Thanks. ~ Beca ~



  • Digital wireless technology using 5GHz radio spectrum. 802.11a/g/n (4.9GHz-5.8GHz)
  • Whole home coverage with advanced antenna diversity technology.
  • Supports point-to-point A/V transmission. (Point-to-multipoint broadcast mode available by special order customization. Contact aitech-sales@aitech.com for more information)
  • Dynamic channel selection technology to resist interference.
  • Hardware encryption for network security with Advance Encryption Standard (AES).
  • Built-in IR extender allows remote control of the A/V source.

The IR function enables the user to control the video source device from the remote TV.
Simply use the original remote control of the video source device (such as DVD player) by pointing the remote control at the Receiver.

  • Resolution: Standard Definition 480i
  • Closed-loop power control to minimize power consumption and be a friendly neighbor to other WLAN networks at 5 GHz
  • Synchronous TDMA network to guarantee QoS - truly real time and without jitter.
  • MPEG-2 video compression and decompression
  • Output: S-Video & RCA/composite
  • Easy Setup: Diagram
  • How To Choose A Wireless Media Extender


      (1) AV Sender

      (1) AV Receiver

      (1) IR Extender

      (2) Power Adapters (AC 100-240v to DC 5V2A)

      (2) A/V Composite Cables (RCA)

      (2) Base stands

      (1) User’s manual

  • Note: You may need an S-video cable (not included) to connect the transmitter to PC's
    that are equipped with an S-video Video Output.


  • 1 Year Warranty
Installation and Troubleshooting Docs
Download Product Manual

AITech Part #: 06-079-005-20

Customer Comments

• I am so impressed with AITech’s wireless solution. The product installation is absolutely easy as advertised.  The reception is also very good, consistent and clear as advertised. Thanks AITech!

• Beautiful picture and sound. The remote is easy to set up and functions perfectly. Your wireless solution is exactly what I was looking for!

• Within 10 minutes out of the box, I got great remote reception and control of my DirecTV receiver. Highly recommend AITech’s wireless system.