WW TV Card Troubleshooting



There are four general considerations that must be checked if you are having trouble with your WW TV card. The action required for each of these may vary depending on your operating system (Win 98/95) and which TV card you have (WW TV-PCI or Net-TV 98).

  1. IRQ - no conflicts
  2. Multimedia capture driver - no conflicts
  3. Windows 98 driver issues
  4. WW TV-PCI with newer video cards (AGP, SGRAM, SDRAM, etc.)

The four areas of concern listed above may cause one or more of these symptoms:

There are three documents (below) that you may need in conjunction with the instructions on this page.  We recommended you print these documents out so that they will be available as needed - even when your system is turned off.

You may also find the following documents helpful.  Please see the troubleshooting section under your specific card to view or print these documents.

Net-TV 98 card

        WaveWatcher TV-PCI



IRQ Conflicts

The TV card has an IRQ (Interrupt Request) conflict if it is on the same IRQ as another device.  IRQ holder for PCI steering is not an actual device - and not a conflict.

Please use the appropriate document to determine if you have an IRQ conflict and then to resolve it if you do.




Capture Drivers

There can usually be ONLY one Video Capture Device installed on your computer. Open your Control Panel open Multimedia click Advanced (W95) or Devices (W98).  Double-click Video Capture Devices.  You should see only the WaveWatcher capture driver or H20capt.drv. If you have other Video Capture Devices installed you have two options: 

    1. You can Remove the other device(s) completely, or
    2. Click Do not map through this device and Do not use this device to disable this driver this method is supposed to allow you to switch back and forth between different capture drivers.  Be aware that this may not work in your system, and you may be forced to delete the offending device(s).
    3. NOTE:  If your have your software available for reinstallation, it is recommended that you remove the other device until the TV card is installed and working properly.  Then reload the other device to determine if there is a conflict.



Software Versions

At the present time there is only one version of software available for the Net-TV 98.

The WaveWatcher TV-PCI  has two current versions of software being used. 


You must uninstall the older version of the software before installing a newer version.  You MUST do this uninstall using the WaveWatcher TV card icons in the Start / Programs menu, and NOT from Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs

If you have Win95 the reinstallation of version 4.08 should go very easily and smoothly.

If you have Win98 there are additional issues with the way Win98 handles drivers.  It is recommended that you print out and follow the instructions in the document for installing your TV card under Win98.

This document contains step by step instructions with many graphics to lead your through the Win98 installation process.  Follow these instructions carefully.



Checking Your Installation

If you are installing a Net-TV 98 card you must install the software before you can accurately verify your card's installation.  Follow the procedure in your manual and the documents listed here for this verification (IRQ conflicts and Capture Driver conflicts).

If you are installing a WW TV-PCI you can verify your installation before you install the software.  Follow the procedure in your manual and the documents listed here for this verification (IRQ conflicts and Capture Driver conflicts).

Last Update 12-18-00