Installing WaveWatcher TV-PCI in Windows 98/ME, Re-installing, updating software versions, or changing to newer TV cards.


Please read all information as you may have more than one problem.

Types of Installations

Note sections at the bottom of this document on IRQ Conflicts and Capture Drivers.

If Windows 98/ME does not detect your TV card when you reboot your computer, please skip to the end of this document to the section on Installing New Hardware.

Windows 98/ME collects drivers - it will keep a driver from a card that you have uninstalled.

If you are re-installing the same card with the same software version in Windows 98/ME,  you may have an automatic installation of your driver.  If you are updating a driver, or installing a newer version of a TV card, the following information will be important to your installation.

Updating The Driver

Following the instruction manual for a Windows 95 installation to update a software version may cause Windows 98/ME to load a saved driver for the WaveWatcher TV-PCI.  This will be an older driver that will not work with the newer version of the software you are trying to install. This will cause your system to lock up or give weird errors when you try to run the TV.

Please follow these instructions carefully and in the order they are listed.

1. Uninstall the software using the WaveWatcher TV-PCI Uninstall icon (Start/Programs/WaveWatcher TV-PCI).  Do not uninstall from Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs.  Restart the computer as instructed when the uninstall has finished.

2. After the reboot, when Windows 98/ME restarts, it will find the TV card as a new device and may install its saved driver again. It will do this automatically - you cannot stop it.  Some versions of Windows 98/ME will stop at this point and ask for a driver.  If your version stops and asks for a driver, Browse to the folder that contains the software version that you are installing, and let Windows install this new driver.  If you are able to install the new driver at this point, you may skip steps 3, 4. 

3.  When Windows 98/ME is done installing the driver, open your Device Manager - double-click Sound Video and Game Controllers - then double-click the WaveWatcher TV-PCI.  Click on the Driver tab - then click the Update Driver button.

UpDateDvr1.jpg (41103 bytes) UpDateDvr2.jpg (24163 bytes)

4.  Click next until you get to the two radio buttons - click on the lower button (display list from specific location) - click next - click the Have Disk button and go to your floppy (or the temp directory you have unzipped the new file into), select the correct folder for the driver and continue.

UpDateDvr4.jpg (28779 bytes)

Your TV card driver is now installed correctly.

5.  From this point on you can follow the instructions in the manual for Windows 95 installation.

Installing New Hardware

Windows 98/ME may boot up to the Desktop without even noting that it should have stopped to inform you of the need to install a driver for this card.

Verify that no driver is installed by checking your Device Manager.  If you have an entry for the WaveWatcher TV-PCI, go back and follow the instructions for Updating the Driver above.

If you have NO entry for the WaveWatcher TV-PCI you will need to follow the instructions outlined below.

Double click on the My Computer icon - double click on Control Panel - double click on Add New Hardware - click Next two times and wait for the choice screen - choose the lower one "No I want to select the hardware from a list." - click Next - select Sound Video and Game controllers - click Next -

NewHard2.jpg (31155 bytes)

You need not select anything from the two lists that are provided -

Put your installation disk in the A: drive at this time if you are using one

Click Have Disk - if you are using a disk click OK - if you are using a folder click Browse and find the folder where you have put (or unzipped) the new WaveWatcher software - click OK and finish the installation.

Your driver is properly installed.  You can now complete the installation of your software by running the Setup program from the floppy or your folder.

IRQ Conflicts

In some cases Windows 98/ME will completely reconfigure your system devices and cause an IRQ conflict.  Check your Device Manager  - (right-click the My Computer icon) - then click Device Manager - then click Properties.   You will see a list of your IRQ settings.  Find the one for your WaveWatcher TV-PCI. There must not be any other device using the same IRQ as your TV card.  The Holder for PCI Steering is not a conflict, but any other device listed on the same IRQ is a conflict.  Please see separate document on Resolving WaveWatcher TV Card IRQ Conflicts .

Capture Drivers

Windows 98/ME will sometimes install its own capture driver.   Open Control Panel - Open Multimedia - Click Devices - go to the bottom of the list to Video Capture Devices - double-click to open - there can be only one capture driver installed - remove the Microsoft WDM driver, or any other driver there. Reboot your computer. 

Last update 2-20-2000