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Frequently Asked Questions about AITech International Corporation

Q. What business is AITech involved in?

A. AITech International develops and markets integrated circuits and board-level products for scan conversion, so that PC-based images may be viewed using a television set. AITech is also involved in the development of board-level multimedia solutions, which bring video signal to the PC. These devices include video capture cards, digitizers, and TV tuners.

Q. What is scan conversion technology?

A. Scan conversion changes a computer's video output (VGA RGB) to a television-compatible format. This enables PC video output to be viewed on a television set, which is typically offers the larger screen. The television video broadcast signal used in the U.S. is known as NTSC, for National Television Standards Committee. Others, such as Europe's PAL, require different scan conversion processes.

Q. What are some common scan conversion applications?

A. With minimal effort and low cost, scan conversion enables users to show PC-based designs, animation, slide shows, financial presentations, and websites on large screen televisions. These applications may take place in boardrooms, classrooms, conference rooms and function halls where larger audiences gather. Family and home entertainment applications are very popular as well. Scan conversion enhances the enjoyment of video game play, 'Net-surfing, and CD-ROM titles when viewed on television.

Q. What are AITech's core technologies?

A. There are two: VSPro (TM) and FlicFree (TM). VSPro (for Video Signal Processing) is AITech's primary, patented core technology, used in the company's scan conversion products. It is becoming the dominant technology in its industry, and is considered by many to be the de facto standard for scan conversion. VSPro is a high-speed, 24-bit data processing technology. The single chips, such as the AIT1106 and 1108, have very small footprints and do not require any support logic. The IC architecture, feature sets, and programmable options are unique. AITech has pioneered internal compensation for signal deviation, digital video encoding, and all-on-chip analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) conversions. These and other innovations make VSPro the most competitive, advanced scan conversion technology available. AITech has also developed the proprietary FlicFree filter. Due to the differences between VGA and TV signals, converted images are often unstable and "flicker". AITech's FlicFree filter is a three-step process which minimizes this effect to near-imperceptible levels.

Q. What products does AITech develop for the consumer/end-user scan conversion market?

A. AITech's core technology is scan conversion: video-out products, which convert PC VGA signals to a TV-compatible format

AITech's video-out products include:

- Web Cable Plus - an affordable scan converter
- MaxView - advanced digital scan conversion for power users
- MultiPro 2000  - remote-controlled scan conversion for business presentations

Q. What markets does AITech focus on?

A. AITech's scan conversion products meet the needs of consumers, educators, businesses, and OEM product design engineers.

Q. What is the future of VSPro and scan conversion?

A. VSPro will be a pivotal technology, adding functionality to existing electronics and enabling the design of new devices. AITech has begun to design solutions for Internet-TVs, PC-enabled TVs, NetPCs, Set-Top Boxes, multimedia PCs, and video CD players, to name just a few. Products such as these represent some of the largest growth industries and markets of the next century.

Q. How does AITech support its products?

A. All AITech products carry a one-year guarantee covering parts and labor. AITech maintains a staff of support technicians who are expert with any of the company's products.

Q. How does AITech distribute its products?

A. AITech sells its products through major distributors, such as Ingram-Micro, TechData, and D&H, as well as through resellers, VARs, and OEM system developers. Its products are also available through consumer electronics retailers like Computer City, Best Buy, Circuit City and Fry's Electronics.