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Job Title: Marketing Communication Analyst

Job Duties: Analyze data from a variety of sources including customer database, order and product data, call center statistics, email and web site traffic and advertising campaign results. Extract, aggregate and summarize customer and product data to develop business models and analysis that result in actionable next steps. Summarize and extract large data sets from an assortment of data sources using Access, MySQL or other database platforms. Perform business modeling using Microsoft Excel and apply statistical principles to business scenarios drawing upon knowledge of SPSS or SAS. Analyze website user behaviors using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to provide recommendations to improve web marketing programs to meet business objectives. Prepare periodic reports of research results and analyses for review by both U.S. and China-based marketing and managerial personnel. Forecast and track web market trends for consumer electronics and PC related products. Collaborate with technical/engineering staff and web designers on implementing web marketing programs. Draft and update marketing-related content for company’s website, using HTML and CSS languages, and printed publications. Analyze the effectiveness of online marketing, internet advertising, and search and email campaigns, utilizing tools such as Google Analytics. Monitor industry statistics and follow trends in trade literature and through active interaction with industry groups and regular conference attendance.

Minimum requirement: Master of Business Administration in Marketing or Marketing Communication
Job Site: Sunnyvale, CA
Please send resume to:

AITech International Corporation
Attn: SVP
1288 Kifer Rd Ste 203
Sunnyvale CA 94086