WaveWatcher Net-TV 98 Files


Windows 95 / 98 / ME
   NetTV98-423.zip - Current Installation Disk  Version 4.23
Windows NT4 (SP3 or better)
   WW TV-PCI NT Software - NT software for Wave Watcher TV-PCI  (At this time there is no NT software specifically for this card.  You can use the NT software for the WW TV-PCI card.)
Windows 2000, XP
   more info - Beta software version available.

Note:  This card was last sold as a current product in 2001.  If you are just buying this card, make sure you know what you are buying.  There are online sellers selling an AITech OEM card and representing it as either a WaveWatcher TV-PCI or a Net-TV 98 card.  The drivers on this page will not work with the OEM card.  See this page for more information. 


Last update 01-21-2002