WaveWatcher TV-PCI and WaveWatcher NetTV-98

Windows 2000, Windows XP:

This is beta software for Windows 2000.  Feedback from some customers shows this software may work with Windows XP also.  This software only works with the WaveWatcher TV-PCI and the WaveWatcher NetTV-98.  The user interface is not the same as the Windows 95/98 software and the user manual, but the functionality is very similar.  Sorry, we do not have any manual or other documentation for this specific software, and we do not offer any technical support for this software.  

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version software.  Beta versions are generally incomplete, possibly buggy editions of the software - not final releases.  Engineering has tested this software and it seems ok, but we cannot guarantee against possible problems.  When trying any new software, take precautions to backup your data should there be an unexpected conflict or serious error during installation. This software has not had much testing and comes with no technical support.

NOTE:  This BETA is the final version of software that AITech will provide for Windows 2000 and XP compatibility.  There will not be an updated version.  AITech's TV cards are not officially supported in Windows 2000 or XP.  We provide this software as a courtesy only.  Sorry, we do not offer any support for these operating systems.  

Please do not write or call for technical support. 

Size 600K

Page last updated in 2004