WaveWatcher TV-PCI

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Windows 95 / 98 / ME
   TVPCI408.zip - Current Installation Disk Version 4.08
Windows NT4 (SP3 or better)
   WWTV-PCI-NT - Current Installation Disk  Version (1.03.251)
Windows 2000, XP, or newer
   More info - Not Supported.  Beta Software.  Try at your own risk.

This products is over 10 years old. AITech does not offer any support for these discontinued TV cards.  Please do not ask for technical support for these cards.

Note to eBay and other online buyers:  

We strongly recommend that you do not purchase any "WaveWatcher TV-PCI" card listed on eBay or any other online seller if it doesn't look exactly like this picture.  

This picture shows a card that is labeled as a TV-PCI card, but it is not.  It is actually a discontinued OEM version of our Net-TV98 card.  These discontinued OEM cards carry the TV-PCI label, so don't be fooled; look for the chips.  The actual WaveWatcher TV-PCI card has two (2) large black chips, and the OEM version has one (1).  The OEM card can NOT use the software listed above - it will not work.  If you end up owning one of these OEM cards, this BETA OEM software may provide you with limited access to some of the card's features.  There won't be any future or finalized versions of this software.  

There are people selling old stock of the actual discontinued WaveWatcher TV-PCI cards.  All of these cards have been discontinued since 2000.   We do not recommend installing these cards in any operating system newer than Windows 98.  We provide this BETA software only as a courtesy to customers that unknowingly purchase these cards thinking they are current products and to our customers that have upgraded to Windows 2000 or XP.  The beta software does not work for everyone.


Last update 11-05-2001