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1. Question: How do I setup and install the device?

A. Connect the AITech device to your PC's VGA connector.

B. Plug the AC power adapter into the wall and connect it to the AITech device. The red power light will turn on.

C. Connect the TV to the AITech device using either the S-Video or RCA cable.

D. Make sure your Display Settings (Control Panel -> Display -> Settings) on your PC are either 800x600 or 1024x768 and your refresh rate is either 60 or 70 Hertz.

E. If you are using a Desktop computer, skip to Step F. If you are using a laptop computer, you must tell the laptop to output the video signal to the external monitor port. This is usually done by holding down the Fn key on the laptop, and pressing one of the F1 to F12 keys. The correct F1 - F12 key is usually labeled LCD/CRT or CRT or has an icon of a computer monitor. This hot key combination (Fn + F#) usually has three settings (the order of these settings may be different on your laptop):

a) Internal display only
b) Both internal and external displays
c) External display only

In the last (c), the internal LCD screen will go black. In (b) and (c) modes you should see the image on the TV screen. You may have to refer to your laptop manual for proper settings for the VGA port.

F. If your TV is on a channel number, you won't see the image coming from the AITech device. You must set your TV to see the signal coming from the AITech device. The TV should be on something like Video, Video 1, Line, AUX -- the name varies depending on the TV brand. There's usually a button on the TV's remote control labeled TV/Video or Input that lets you make this setting. Once the TV has the correct input selected, you should see your computer's image on the TV.