AIGotcha2! Hardware Installation

Please be advised that you MUST install the power adapter for the AIGotcha2! for this device to work.  The AIGotcha2! will NOT work without the installation of the proper power adapter cord.  

You received two adapters for your AIGotcha2!:  one for the older AT (or ISA) type keyboard connector  and one for the newer PS/2 keyboard connector (see images below).

Aig2ISAs.jpg (6161 bytes)
Larger ISA (or AT)  Power Connector - 5 pins Smaller PS/2 Power Connector - 6 pins


You will also have received one extension cable for installing the AIGotcha2! device itself (see figures 5 and 6 below).

Please follow the steps outlined below for installing the AIGotcha2! device on your computer.  Also see the FAQ's (AIGotcha!2 FAQ's) for information and graphics on installing the AIGotcha2! on a laptop.

  1. Turn off your computer.  You can do serious damage to your keyboard BIOS chip by plugging or unplugging your keyboard connector while the power is on.
  2. Unplug your keyboard from the rear of your computer.  If you have trouble finding the correct connector, follow the wire from the back of your keyboard to the connector on the rear of the computer.
  3. Match the connector on your keyboard cable to one of the two supplied power adapters for the AIGotcha!2.  Refer to figures 1 and 3 below to see images of the two connectors.  Plug your keyboard connector into the matching AIGotcha!2 power adapter.
  4. Plug the adapter and keyboard combination into your computer (figure 2).  Or if it is more convenient for you, plug the adapter into the computer (figure 1) and then add the adapter (figure 2).


Figure 1 - showing installation of the AT power adapter.


The installation of your power adapter and keyboard cords should look like either figure 2 or figure 3 below.  Be sure to install the connectors carefully so as not to damage the small pins in the connectors.  Do not twist the connectors together to make them match - match the pins and locators before trying to place them together.

Aig2Pwr2.jpg (47536 bytes)

Figure 2 - Showing AT keyboard adapter with keyboard plugged in.


In some cases it may be necessary to temporarily remove one or more of the existing cables in order to install the keyboard and power adapter cables.  It is wise to turn the rear of the computer directly toward yourself so you can see the proper connectors.   Do not try to bend over the back of the computer and feel for the sockets to install the connectors.  It is very awkward and difficult to do this.

Aig2Pwr3.jpg (48666 bytes)

Figure 3 - showing PS/2 power adapter with keyboard cable installed.


  1. Install the AIGotcha!2 directly to the computer printer port if you have room to do so (see figure 4 below).  Be very careful when attaching the device to the port - you do not need to tighten the thumb screws very tightly.  Do not over tighten the AIGotcha!2 attachment screws..   This may damage the Aigotcha!2 or your printer port attachment nuts.  In some cases you will have to use the extension cable in order to make the installation fit with the other connectors in place. Compare figure 4 with figure 5 below. 

    Note that the mouse connector had to be removed to take the picture of the AIGotcha!2 installed directly on the port - but that the extension cord fits (figure 5) with the mouse connector in place.


AigInstl1.jpg (55493 bytes)

Figure 4 - showing AT power adapter and AIGotcha2! installed directly on the printer port.


If you cannot fit the AIGotcha!2 directly to your printer port you will need to install the short extension cable that is supplied in the box with your AIGotcha!2. 

  1. Connect the Aigotcha device to the extension cable.  See figures 5 and 6.  Be very careful when attaching the device to the cable.  Do not over tighten the AIGotcha!2 attachment screws.   This may damage the Aigotcha!2 or your cable attachment nuts.


AigInst2.jpg (63361 bytes)

Figure 5 - showing AT power adapter and AIGotcha2! installed on the extension cable.


  1. Attach the extension cable to the printer port as shown in figures 5 and 6.  There is no need to over tighten the thumb screws on the extension cable.   Over tightening these screws may damage your printer port attachment nuts.

Figure 6 - showing PS/2 adapter with AIGotcha2! on the extension cable.

Last update 09-17-02