WaveWatcherTV-II Troubleshooting Guide


Cables and installation of cables

Loop Back Cable Feature Connector Cable

Loop Back cable installed on board

Feature Cable installed on board

Note that the two connectors shown above must be installed on the board correctly in order for this TV card to function properly.   The Loop back cable must be installed on the TV card (not the video card) in order for proper video operation.


WaveWatcherTV-II Troubleshooting Guide ISA vs VESA Local Bus Video Cards

On the WaveWatcherTV-II card:
i) Set JP4 so that both pins are covered by the jumper
ii) Connect the gray External Loopback Cable between the output of your video card, and the bottom DIN connector on the WaveWatcherTV-II card
iii) Make sure that the BUS TYPE setting in the Board configuration program's VGA section is set to VLB