TVR-202 and WaveWatcher TV-II Compatibility


The TVR-202 and TV-II are NOT compatible with most PCI and AGP video cards.

The TVR-202 and TV-II were designed around the ISA/VESA bus video cards that used standard DRAM video memory.  Most PCI and AGP video cards do NOT use standard DRAM and are NOT compatible with the TVR-202 and TV-II cards. The issue is the speed of the RAM.  PCI and AGP video cards are too fast for these older TV cards. The TVR-202 and TV-II will not operate properly with these cards.

There are four PCI video cards known to be compatible with the TVR-202 and TV-II:

Note that these are 64 bit cards and will be much slower than the new video cards that use a video bus of 128 bits or larger. It is not recommended that these video cards be installed into the faster Pentium computers because they slow down the system to a noticeable degree. While these TV cards will likely be compatible with most ISA bus video cards, DO NOT replace your existing video card with one of these older and very slow video cards. Your system will be SEVERELY handicapped if you do.

Some of the common symptoms of an incompatible video card include the following:

This is not a complete list and you may experience one or more of these symptoms.

If you have a Pentium based computer we recommended that you use our WaveWatcher TV PCI or WaveWatcher NetTV-98. Note that these are PCI cards. They require no external or internal connection cables for installation.

Last Update 12-28-00