Help! I Can’t See Anything On My TV!



If you are having difficulty seeing your computer display on the TV, the following trouble-shooting checklist will help you get your Web Cable Plus up and running:

Step 1:

 - Check the power connector (USB cable) to the Web Cable Plus.
 - Check the connections from the Web Cable Plus to the PC.
 - Check the connections from the Web Cable Plus to the TV.

Step 2 - TV or VCR:

 - RCA connections to a TV or VCR must be to the Video Input (yellow) connector.
 - If connected directly to a TV, ensure the TV has been configured to accept auxiliary video input.

 - If connected to a TV through a VCR, ensure the TV and VCR have been configured to accept video input. *

* Often times an input button on the TV or VCR’s remote control can be used to select the video input
mode for both S-video and RCA video connections.  This button may be marked Video, Video-1, Aux, Input, Vid, Line, Line-in, TV/VCR, etc.  On some older TVs and VCR’s this setting is made by selecting channel 2 and pressing the channel down button.  Please refer to the TV or VCR’s owner manual if you have trouble making this selection.

Step 3 - Computer Display Settings (Video Card Output):    

If steps 1 and 2 have not helped you achieve the desired results, the final step on our list involves the simple process of adjusting your computer’s VGA output settings for optimal performance with our system.  

Optimal Settings for Web Cable Plus



Refresh Rate


60 Hz


75 Hz


75 Hz

In as few as 8 easy clicks from your normal Windows Desktop, we can have you enjoying all of the benefits of
your new Web Cable Plus.

Standard Procedure for Windows (95,98,2000+)**

1.    Right click on any open space on your Desktop and select “Properties”.

2.    Click on the “Settings” tab in the Display Properties window.
3.    Please note in the box marked Screen area (or Desktop area) your computer’s current display      

       resolution settings (as shown by the slider).  If needed, please adjust your resolution settings to a

       maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels.  Click on the “Advanced…” button.

4.    Click on the “Monitor” tab and locate the Refresh Frequency drop down menu in the Monitor Settings   

       box. *Note* In some versions of Windows you will find the Refresh Frequency drop-down menu

       under the “Adapter” tab instead of the “Monitor” tab.   Using the chart listed above, please select the

       optimal refresh rate setting for use with the Airlink II system at your current display resolution (as

       noted in #3) and click OK.

5.    When asked to apply your new desktop setting select “OK”.  When asked if you would like to keep the

       reconfigured settings select “Yes”.   Click on the “OK” button to finalize these changes and close the

       Display Properties Window.

** Please note that some video cards and editions of Microsoft Windows may require slight adjustments from the procedure outlined above.  You may need to refer to your computer’s user guide and manufacturer for more information on adjusting your display settings.