There are two ways to uninstall the software:


The easiest way to remove version 4.1 and below is to simply install the current version (v.4.31) right over the top of the older version, and then use the Uninstall icon included in v.4.31.  The uninstall will remove both versions of the software.


If you are NOT experiencing a problem starting Windows, skip to the section below entitled NORMAL UNINSTALL. The first section below pertains ONLY to uninstalling when you cannot get into Windows.

This section is for uninstalling the AITech scan converter software ONLY if you are locked out of normal Windows startup.

Windows 95/98
1. For Win95 if you are in Safe Mode skip to the Normal Uninstall below.  If you cannot enter Win95 you will need to enter DOS mode when the computer is first booting up. To enter DOS press the F8 key when the screen says "STARTING WINDOWS 95". You will only have a few seconds to do this. You will then see a menu. You must choose "COMMAND PROMPT ONLY". Once you are in DOS you can follow the steps below (skip to number 2).

Windows 3.x
1. For Windows 3.x you will start at the DOS prompt. You will have to change the video driver to the standard driver. Change to the windows subdirectory. Run SETUP - select display - write down the current display driver - then select VGA (standard VGA driver) and close out of SETUP. You can now restart the computer and enter Windows.

If you are running in Windows normally you can run SYSEDIT to do the following three edits. If you do not find an entry that is listed do not worry about it - just skip that step.

1. Edit the CONFIG.SYS file (in the ROOT) as follows:

the top three lines should be installed by AITech:
    Rem ...
    SHELL ...
    Rem ...
place a REM statement in front of the shell statement to look like the following:
    Rem SHELL ...
Save the file and exit

2. Edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file (in the ROOT) as follows:

remove or REM the line calling MOVESCR.COM
save and exit

3.  Edit the WIN.INI file (in the Windows directory) as follows:

- the line beginning with LOAD has an entry (all entries are separated by spaces) "C:\PSC1106\AUTOLOAD" - delete this entry.
- The path for AUTOLOAD will vary depending on the product model that you are working with.
- Save and exit.

4. For Windows 3.x you will need to open the MAIN group and run Windows Setup. Select Display and using the same procedure you used in step 1 above, change the display driver back to the one you wrote down in step 1 above. You can now restart Windows and you will be back to where you started.

5. If you are using version 4.1 of the scan converter software in Win95 you will need to change to the \windows\system directory and delete three files:


 6.  Lastly, delete the AITech directory.

Last update 02-13-2001