TV/VCR Video Mode Switching

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In order to use a TV, VCR or TV/VCR with any of AITech's scan converters the video device MUST be switched to its external video mode.  This is most often accomplished with the use of the remote control for that TV or VCR.  In most cases if you do not have the remote you will be unable to put your TV into the external video mode. 

Know methods of switching TV's, VCR's, and TV/VCR combinations to the external video mode: Units are listed by manufacturer only (not models). Auto indicates that device switches to video mode automatically. Button refers to remote control buttons. Ch means channel. "ch2>1" refers to putting the TV on channel 2 then using the down arrow button to change to the non-existent channel 1 which is the video mode.  Menu means the switch will be found in the menu structure of that device. Ch 00 means press 00 on your remote.  Btn means button on the remote control.   Multiple entries means that different models use different methods of switching.

Brand Switching Action
Aventura  combo auto
Broksonic TV tv/monitor button no work - auto
Citizen combo ch2 > 1
Emerson VCR ch 00, auto
Emerson combo tv/monitor button (did not work), av btn
Emerson combo ch 2 > to '1', auto
Fisher VCR auto
Fisher TV TV/VCR btn
GE TV input btn or ch 92
GE VCR input btn
GE Combo input btn
Gold star VCR TV/SC/AV btn
Hitachi TV Aux btn
JVC TV av btn, tv/video btn, ch 00
JVC VCR av btn
Magnavox combo ch 99 or 00 or Input Btn
Magnavox TV VCR/AUX btn or menu
Magnavox VCR auto
MGA TV video/tv btn
MGM Tech VCR auto
Mitsubishi TV input toggle btn
Orion VCR auto
Orion combo auto
Panasonic TV tv/video btn
Panasonic combo input btn
Panasonic monitor video select (on monitor)
Panasonic VCR menu
Proscan TV Input btn (ch 90, 91, 92)
Phillips/Magnavox VCR ch 2 > to '1'
Phillips/Magnavox TV menu - tv/vcr btn
Quasar TV tv/video btn
Quasar combo auto
RCA TV ch 90-91-92 or 0, aux btn
RCA combo input btn
RCA VCR input btn (no good) line btn
Samsung combo input btn
Samsung TV input select btn - tv/video btn
Sansui TV auto
Sanyo TV menu, input btn,video mode button
Sears TV tv/av btn
Sharp VCR Input Btn, ch 0, Input Select btn
Sharp Combo ch 00
Sony TV vid 1, vid 2, vid 3 buttons
Sony TV tv/video btn, auto
Symphonic combo select btn
Symphony TV chan 00, monitor btn
Toshiba TV tv/vid btn, menu
Wards Signature TV ch 2 > '1'
Westinghouse VCR ch 00
Zenith TV auto
Zenith combo tv/cat/av button


Last update 02-09-99