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Technical Support is available by e-mail.   We also suggest that you use our on-line troubleshooting guides and FAQ's.  You will find these documents easy to use, and likely to solve your problem or answer your questions in just a few minutes.

Please see the e-mail information below before writing
to us.  It is important to get enough information from you so that we are able to solve your problem as quickly as possible.  This same information is important if you leave a message.

Technical Support and tell us about your problem.

Please include:

  • Product name (PSC-1106, MultiPro 2000, TV-PCI, etc.)
  • Version # of AITech software  
  • Operating system (Windows 98, Windows 2000, etc.)
  • Processor brand and speed (Pentium 750, AMD 500, etc.)
  • Brand and model of your video card
  • A short description of the problem and what you may have already done

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