Tech Bulletin #7 - September 25, 1998 (revised 11/2/99)

AITech MultiPro Plus - Monitor out of sync, distorted


In some cases the computer's monitor will not function as expected when attached to the monitor pass-through on the MultiPro Plus.  Common symptoms would be that the PC's monitor image is distorted, out of sync, or no image. A few monitors are very sensitive to any changes to the sync signal they receive. This causes the above problem. The problem appears to be isolated to just a few monitor models. NOTE: This problem applies only to the PC monitor image (not the TV image).


If it is possible to use a different monitor type, that may fix the problem.

Another solution would be a VGA splitter cable. It would plug into the VGA port on the back of the PC. One of the two female connectors would connect to the monitor cable. The other would connect the scan converter.

The VGA splitter cable is available at most computer stores.