Power Supplies  


If you've misplaced the power supply to any AITech product, or if you have a drawer full of power supplies and you don't know which is the correct one, STOP.  You can easily damage or destroy the product by using the wrong power supply, or by making the wrong settings on a universal power supply.  Some of our power supplies use a center negative pin polarity.  That is reversed of what most power supplies are.  Using an incorrect power supply can instantly damage the product.

Below is a list of some of our products and their power supply specifications.  If you don't see your product on the list or if you are still unsure, please contact our Technical Support Department by e-mail and we will give you the information you need. 

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PSC-1106 - Pocket Scan Converter

9 volts, 500 mA, center negative polarity.

MutliPro Plus

9 volts, 500 mA, center negative polarity.


5 volts, 1000 mA, center negative polarity.


The Aigotcha2! is shipped with two keyboard power adapters.  If there is a problem with fitting this adapter onto your system a 5 volt, 300 mA, center positive polarity power supply may be used.  The original Aigotcha! does not have an external power supply available.


The AirLink system requires two (2) 12 volt, 500 mA, center positive polarity power supplies.


Last update 06-16-2008 (RAR)