Macintosh Scan Converter Installation

Installing the scan converter on a Macintosh requires the use of the two supplied adapters. Note that one is longer than the other. The longer adapter is connected between the Macintosh and the scan converter (#1 below); the shorter adapter connects between the Mac monitor and the scan converter VGA output connector (#2 below). Note that some Macintosh models may not require the use of both of these adapters.

  1. Connect your encoder cable to the VGA Out side of the shorter adapter. The Mac In side of this connector attaches to the monitor connection on your Macintosh computer.


    MacMP+In.jpg (11490 bytes)

    Figure 1 - Showing how to connect the Macintosh input adapter to the scan converter. The Mac In side of this connector connects to your Macintosh VGA (monitor) output connector.


  1. Connect the VGA IN side of the longer Mac adapter to the side of the scan converter on the VGA Out (VGA connector). Your Macintosh monitor cable then connects to the Mac Out side of the longer adapter.

MacMP+Out.jpg (10541 bytes)

Figure 2 - Shows how the Macintosh output adapter attaches to the VGA Out connector on the scan converter. Connect your Mac monitor to the Mac Out side of the adapter.