Download Instructions

Find the product and software version you need. Click on the link. Select "Save this file to disk". Click OK and then direct the save to the folder of your choice. This will start the download process. The time needed for downloading will depend on the size of the file that you are getting.


All our software files are compressed to minimize download time for you. You will need to decompress or 'unzip' this file before you can use it or install it. If you do not have an unzip utility you can get a free evaluation copy of WinZip (good for 30 days) from This is a very good and easy to use utility that is well worth the small shareware fee they charge when you register the product.

It is recommended that you use the 'classic' mode rather than the Wizard. Double click on the downloaded file icon. WinZip will load the compressed file and give you a listing of all the files that have been put together into the zipped file. Click on the 'extract' button and tell the program where you want to put the files.

UnZip.jpg (48571 bytes)

Once the file is unzipped you can run the setup program to install the software.

With the exception of the Aigotcha2! Windows 95 installation, you may elect to unzip to a floppy. The above file is too big for a floppy and will require unzipping to a temporary folder on your hard drive. It is recommended that you unzip to a floppy for two reasons. One, it gives you that all-important backup. Second, once on a floppy you can follow the directions in your manual for installation.

Last update 10-20-01