WaveWatcher TV (Original)

The WaveWatcher-TV display a real-time 21-bit full motion window on your VGA monitor. This window may be sized and positioned freely in your Windows environment, from full-screen to icon-size. WaveWatcher-TV provides inputs for three independent NTSC/PAL video sources and three independent audio sources. Integrate camcorders, VCRs, close circuit televisions, laser disk players, and CD-audio for stunning presentations and memorable training. The WaveWatcher-TV includes both MCI and AVI drivers, which enable you to show live video in Windows-based applications. Capture video clips and save them onto the hard disk, then paste them into documents, spreadsheet, or Emails. The WaveWatcher-TV includes a 122 channel cable-ready television tuner. All television functions are controlled by a on-screen remote control.

Applications: Watch television or video on your television, capture video for use in training and presentations, incorporate with MS Video for Windows for video documents, spreadsheets and Emails, Computer surveillance systems, Video Conferencing, Network Video Conferencing, Multimedia Shows, corporate and home video movies.


System Requirements: IBM PC Compatible 286 or better, 4MB-15MB of RAM, 5MB of disk space, 3.5 or 5.25" disk drive, S-VGA card with feature connector and 256 color driver for Microsoft Windows, 1 free 16-bit ISA slot, VGA monitor and mouse, NTSC or PAL video source

Notes: Full length ISA Card - not compatible with PCI video cards - use in 486 computer