WaveWatcher TV II

Full motion and single frame video capture card.

Capture still images or full-motion video, or simply watch TV on your computer with WaveWatcherTV-II from AITech. WaveWatcherTV-II is a video capture board that allows you to master full-motion video in a flash!

As easy to install as it is to use, WaveWatcherTV-II lets even the novice user build impressive business presentations or install as a home entertainment computer TV/Radio. Gain the image you need with full screen display in very high resolution at up to 1024x768 full color!

WaveWatcherTV-II is fully Microsoft Windows compatible, which means it can handle up to 64,000 eye-popping colors. Coupled with the video capture software, TV tuner and FM radio included in this cool kit, you get a full home or business multimedia/entertainment system...at your fingertips.

Applications: Watch TV on your computer, Full-Motion Video Capture, Single Image Capture, Home Entertainment, Desktop Video, Video Teleconferencing, Business Presentations, Image/Video Database, Video Security System, Interactive Training, Computer-Aided Instruction, Stock Market Monitoring.

Minimum System Requirements

Notes: ISA Card - not compatible with PCI video cards - use in 486 computer.

Last update 1-20-99