VSProV64 Graphics Accelerator

Bring big screen entertainment to your home computer. AITech's VSPro V64 graphics accelerator lets you connect your PC directly to your TV or VCR for the best home theater experience - from your computer. Now you can play computer games, use CD-ROM's and view full motion video simultaneously on your PC and TV monitor. The VSPro also allows you to record images directly from your computer to your VCR. With 64-bit acceleration, MPEG video playback and clear Flicker Free display-on-TV capabilities, the VSPro V64 is the crystal clear choice for your home theater experience.


Software Specs: DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 Utility
Output: S-Video (S-VHS), VGA, Composite (RCA), SCART (PAL Version Only)
System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 486 or higher, running DOS or Windows, PCI slot

Notes:  Uses standard DRAM (slow) - availability of expansion chips unknown - TV output limited to 640x480 resolution.