Full-motion video capture with 30 frames-per-second capture capability.

VideoBlender is a single-frame and full-motion video capture board with 30 frames-per-second capture capability. Up to two simultaneous video source inputs with software selection control and connectors for either NTSC or PAL signals are provided. Plus, display color resolutions of 16-bit (64k colors), 15-bit (32k colors) or 256 colors, depending on the VGA setup, are available. VideoBlender is Microsoft Windows Compatible. It also comes with desktop editing software for creating and editing full-motion video. Create and edit videos for both business and home viewing to your utmost satisfaction.

Applications: Business or sales presentations, desktop video, desktop publishing, image processing, monitor and security systems, scientific and medical imaging, image picture/text database, CD-ROM based animations, Interactive training and computer-aided instructions, traffic and mass transit control systems.


Notes: Full Length ISA card