WaveWatcher TVR-202

TV and FM Radio Card

Watch TV on your computer, listen to the Radio or simply capture still-images. The TVR-202 have a built-in 125 Channel TV Tuner and 20-Preset FM Radio. You can watch TV in a scalable and sizable window on your desktop. The TVR-202 supports resolutions like 1024x768 and 1280x1024. It supports windows resolution up to 64K colors.

Applications: TV Viewing and Radio Listening on Computer, Still-Frame Video Capture, Home Entertainment, Stock Market and New Monitoring, Desktop/Computer Video and Kiosk Solutions, Education and Training, Business Presentation Authoring


Digital Video: 64000 Colors, 16-bit RGB, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue Control, Maximum Full-Screen and Full-Motion Display Resolution: 1280x1024 Interlaced, Horizontal and Vertical Interpolation and Filtering.

Input: Composite Video (RCA), Y/C (S-Video, S-VHS, Hi-8), Line level Stereo Audio (RCA), 75 Ohm F-Connector for Antenna or Cable TV connection, D-Sub Connector for VGA Card Connection.

Output: Stereo Phono Jack for Speaker connection, D-Sub Connector for VGA Monitor Connection.

System Requirements: IBM PC Compatible, 386 or better, Windows 3.1, 95, or later, 1 available 16-Bit ISA Slot, 4 MB of RAM, 2MB or free hard disk space, ISA or VLB VGA Card with VESA Feature Connector.

Notes: ISA Card - not compatible with PCI video cards - use in 486 computer

Last update 1-20-99