Audio Show


VGA-to-TV Converter Board with 16-bit Sound Card

AudioShow is a 16-bit ISA compatible interface card that allows you to connect your computer to your television or VCR. AudioShow is the perfect solution for presentations, animations, games, education and entertainment.

With AudioShow, you get great sound: pure state of the art 16-bit stereo input, sampling/recording, and output. The on-board music synthesizer uses advanced FM synthesis to produce realistic sounding instruments. A 4-watt stereo amplifier drives headphones or speakers, and the on-board mixer allows you to arrange internal and external sound.

AudioShow includes a SCSI CD-ROM interface, which allows access to multimedia CD-ROM titles, Kodak Photo and Music CDs. A built-in joystick port and a MIDI In/Out port option completes your multimedia PC compatibility.


System Requirements: IBM PC compatible 286 or better, 2MB of RAM, 3MB of hard disk space, 3.5 or 5.25" disk drive, Microsoft Windows 3.1 and a mouse, 1 free 16-bit ISA slot, VGA Card and monitor, NTSC compatible video device. 

Note:  This is a full length card.  Limited to 640x480.  No software for Windows 98.