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The AirLink system is a complex computer add-on consisting of two main subsystems: the RF transmitter/receiver units and the IR keyboard/mouse system. Each subsystem can be used independently of the other. Neither of these systems require that software be installed. You DO NOT need to install any software to use these systems.

It is not recommended that the keyboard/mouse system be use with laptop computers. This is because of the complexity of disabling the built in mouse and keyboard on laptop computers.

Please review the manual and the Quick Start Guide (single sheet of paper) supplied with the AirLink System to be sure you have installed the system properly.

Following are several things to check if the unit is not working:

a) make sure that the VGA cable is attached properly. It is in the form of a 'v' - the 'point' of that 'v' MUST be attached to the AirLink transmitter. The connector with the two wires coming from it must be on the transmitter. Put another way, the 'long wire' MUST be attached to the computer.

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b) check to see that the power LED's are lit on both units, and that the LED is lit below the TX button on the Transmitter (press the TX button to light this LED).

c) make sure that the switch on the transmitter is in the NORMAL position and that the switch on the receiver is in the ON position.

d) The transmitter channel switch is on the bottom of the unit, the channel you select on the receiver MUST match that set on the transmitter.

e) the 'IR extender' LED must be placed close to the keyboard receiver unit. Best positioning is achieved by experiment but we recommend that it be placed directly in front of the keyboard receiver and at right angle to it. That is, place it next to the receiver and facing across the receiver. See Page 3-7 in manual.

f) please note the LED on the keyboard does NOT light with each key press or mouse movement. It comes on only when the batteries are LOW.

g) There are three settings that MUST be made within Windows 95:

    1 - set color to 256

    2 - set desktop area to 640x480

    3 - set monitor type to 'Standard VGA 640x480'

                    NOTE: do NOT change the 'ADAPTER' setting

Please make sure that you write down any settings before you change them. Do this so they can be set back if and when needed.

h) in Windows 3.x you MAY have to change the display driver to VGA please note:  make sure that you write down any settings that you change before you change them so they can be set back if and when needed.

i) the TV MUST be placed into its external video mode. This is done with the remote in MOST cases. This means that in order to use the AirLink system with your TV you must have the remote control to switch your TV to its VIDEO mode. There may be an 'input' button on the remote that will facilitate this setting. Please refer to your TV manual to make this setting. The key here is that when the TV displays its channel information on the screen, it MUST NOT display a channel number. It must display something like video, line, line in, aux, ext, vid1, vid2, av, avi, etc.

j) the AirLink mouse is a SERIAL (only) mouse and will not work if used with an adapter in the PS/2 mouse port. If you have a PS/2 mouse you must unplug it. The yellow connector on the AirBoard receiver must be connected to the serial (COM1) port on the computer.

In most cases you can add the serial mouse driver through the Add New Hardware section of the Control Panel and have the use of both mice at the same time.  In some systems this will not work and you will need to follow the instructions outlined in the following paragraph.

You must restart the computer to make Win95 find the new serial mouse. If you get no mouse action from the keyboard at this time you will need to change your mouse driver. Open the control panel, open MOUSE, click General, write down the current mouse driver. Click on change and then on show all devices. Move the slider under manufacturers and select Standard Devices then select Standard Serial Mouse. Click on OK and then OK on the main mouse box. At this point you will not be able to use your PS/2 mouse. Use Alt+F4 to close windows properly. You will have to press this key combination once for every window that is open. Finally the shut down window will open and you can press enter. Once you have changed your mouse driver you will not have to change it back. When you plug in your PS/2 mouse again Windows 95 will find it and use that mouse. 

k) if you are using the AirLink system with the TV in the same room as the computer you need to be careful about the placement of the components. Please refer to page 3-7 in the manual. The details shown here are designed for use with the AirLink system in different rooms. You must NOT use either of these arrangements if you have your system setup in the same room, especially if they are in the same shelf/entertainment unit or on the same wall. You must shield the AirBoard IR receiver from seeing the blinking LED of the Transmitter unit attached to the computer. You must NOT use the LED extender. It is recommended that the LED on the Transmitter be blocked or pushed back on a shelf so the IR Receiver cannot 'see' it. With this arrangement you will use the IR Receiver for all keyboard communications.

Having followed these instructions you should have an operating AirLink system. If you do not, please call our tech support line for help.

Last update 1-20-99