AIGotcha1 Setup and Troubleshooting aig1b.jpg (8532 bytes)

The Aigotcha is designed for single frame capture and is not designed for full motion video.

For best results with this device we recommend that you install the device directly onto the parallel port without using a cable and/or switch box.

If you are getting the error message "Hardware initialization failure" it means that the software cannot find the hardware. Please be sure that the parallel port selected in the Aigotcha software is the actual port to which the Aigotcha is attached. In some instances Win95 will want you to select LPT3. You may have to check your BIOS Setup to be sure that LPT1 is addressed correctly at 378h [not 3BCh] and that the port is configured as a standard parallel port (SPP) or bi-directional and not either of the two Enhanced modes (or a combination of them).

If you are viewing a preview display that is 'muddy' looking with very poor color you will need to be sure that the color palette is set at high color (16 bit) or greater.

If you are experiencing 'noise' (white streaks) in your captures, your Aigotcha is not connected directly to the parallel port as instructed above.

If you cannot get a display on the capture screen, please make sure that you have NO other capture drivers installed on your computer. There can be only one capture device on the computer system at one time. You might have one of these drivers on your computer if you have previously had a Snappy or Internet camera installed. You can check this in Win 95 by opening your control panel - multimedia - click the advanced button - then looking in video capture - there should be only one item here.

Make sure you have the correct TWAIN source selected in the File menu.

Last update 1-20-99