Solutions to common problems with the AIGOTCHA!


Software installation and setup problems.

Program SETUP terminates at 96% with a setup error in TWAIN.DLL  and or USER.EXE.

This error can occur when a TWAIN driver already exists on the system. The program files are fully installed, except for the program icon. Please use the Windows 95 Explorer to manually create a program icon or shortcut.

  Bad program diskette.

The AIGOTCHA! program files may be downloaded from the Internet at Please go to CUSTOMER SUPPORT,  then SOFTWARE UPDATES to find and obtain the files.

  Wrong version of the AIGOTCHA! software.

Please make sure you are using the proper version of the AIGOTCHA! software for your version of Windows. There are separate versions for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. Windows NT is not supported at this time.


Hardware Initialization Failure

You are using an extension cable or a switchbox with the unit.

  Please connect the AIGOTCHA! unit directly to the parallel port. There may be problem with the extension cable or the switchbox.

The AIGOTCHA! unit is connected directly to the parallel port.

  Please check the settings for the parallel port (LPT1) in the CMOS or BIOS settings for your system. If using a notebook or laptop computer, run the appropriate setup program or utility. The IRQ should be set to 7, the address should be 378H, and the mode should be SPP (Standard Mode), or Bi-directional mode, or NORMAL mode. The enhanced modes, EPP or ECP, will not work.

  The AIGOTCHA! is connected directly to the parallel port and the BIOS settings are correct.

  Make sure the power cable is connected properly to the keyboard or the PS/2 mouse port. If using an external power supply, make sure the output is 5volts DC and the polarity of the tip is negative.

  All settings and connections are correct.

  You may have a defective unit. Please return it to the dealer for an exchange.


Poor image or no image on the AIGOTCHA! TV screen.

No image appears on the AIGOTCHA! TV screen.

Make sure there is a source connected to the VIDEO IN or S-VIDEO connector and that the unit is getting power. Double-check all settings and connections. Make sure the source is powered and working properly. If all appears correct and no image is acquired, please exchange the unit with the dealer, it may be defective.

  The AIGOTCHA! is connected to a switchbox or an extension cable.

Please connect the AIGOTCHA! unit directly to the parallel port. There may be a problem with the switch box or extension cable. Check the power connection for proper fit. If using an external power supply, make sure it is rated at 5VDC with a negative tip.

  The acquired image is very gray and grainy looking.

 Make sure the color palette is set to 16-bit (65,000) colors or higher. Check the version of the display driver and make sure it is the latest up to date version for the video display adapter. Please follow the procedures for your version of Windows to change the color palette.