How to Choose a Wireless AV Extender


We all agree that the wireless solution is for us to get rid of the unsightly wires and cables, to realize the location flexibility, and hopefully, to allow us to get stable and high video/audio quality as good as a wired-transmission.  With the above concerns that most of us may have for adopting wireless rather than a wired connection, we hereby would like to give you our analyses and suggestion --

1. When the interference from 2.4GHz wireless is an issue …

2.4GHz wireless was the first mass-marketed radio transmission technology and has been the solution to a very wide range of applications at a relatively low cost.  It is therefore often the preferred system for the home and small to medium size enterprise.  Unsurprisingly, we can see 2.4GHz wireless has been used for many devices – wireless mice use it, cordless phones, wireless computer networking equipment, baby monitors, wireless video cameras, wireless speakers and headphones, and the list goes on and on.  Even microwave ovens use it.

The 2.4GHz Wireless bandwidth is crowded, and that causes interference.

2. When the interference from 5.8GHz analog wireless is an issue …

Some say that 5.8GHz wireless systems can avoid interference from the increasingly crowded 2.4GHz radio band.  This was true several years ago.  But recently, 5.8GHz wireless is also getting crowded.  The 5.8GHz wireless band is no longer a guaranteed interference-free solution.  Both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz belong to analog wireless transmission, and interference is inevitable with so many wireless devices using the same bandwidth.  

3. How about 5GHz digital wireless?

Yes, we wholeheartedly recommend the AITech ProA/V Media Extender – 5GHz Digital ( It uses 802.11n, a similar technology to wireless networks, but a different frequency band: 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz. The digital advantage also provides superior image and audio quality and interference-free transmission over conventional analog wireless A/V senders.

Here are several advantages to using 5GHz digital wireless over the 2.4GHz/5.8GHz analog wireless:

The AITech ProA/V Media Extender – 5GHz Digital is the optimum solution for high quality and uninterrupted home entertainment.  It's also the best option available anywhere for offices, schools, training facilities, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, clubs or churches…etc.