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Global Leader and Solution Provider in PC-TV-Internet
Video Conversion, Connections and Convergence

Wireless Video

Transmit Audio/Video from your PC, cable connection or video device wirelessly to your TV

MultiPro 2100 - Wireless PC/Cellphone to TV 

View your laptop's or desktop's PC monitor screen on any TV with a high-definition HDMI connection.
ProA/V Media Extender - 5GHz Digital 

Flawless Wireless Video Without Wires!  5GHz Digital Video Transmitter / Receiver
ProA/V Media Extender - Wireless HDMI
HDMI Wireless
Affordable Wireless High Definition Audio / Video
Wireless HDMI Advanced
HDMI Wireless Advanced
Transmit HDMI High Definition Audio / Video
Without Wires!
ProA/V 5.8GHz Wireless Media Extender
HDMI Wireless Advanced          HDMI Wireless Advanced
5.8GHz Wireless Video Technology Eliminates Interference From Other Wireless Devices
ProPC/TV Wireless
Pro PC/TV WirelessPro PC/TV Wireless
Wireless Computer-to-TV
ProA/V Media Extender
ProAV Media ExtenderProAV Media Extender
Wireless Video Source-to-TV
ProPC/TV Wireless Mini

Wireless Computer-to-TV
ProA/V Media Extender Mini

Wireless Video Source-to-TV

External Scan Converters
Capable of displaying computer images on your television

Web Cable Plus
Web Cable Plus
Easy Cable Design PC-to-TV
MultiPro 2000
MultiPro 2000
With Remote Control
MaxView Presenter
6-Foot Audio and Video Cables
MaxView Cinema Kit
MaxView Cinema Kit
20-Foot Audio and Video Cables
Control your PC & media software far away from your keyboard and mouse Presentation Remote MCE

Wireless Mouse
Use the Presentation Remote Control
with any external scan converter, or
just by itself with your desktop or notebook PC

Upgrade your TV viewing experience with High Definition HDMI

HD.PC.Video to HDMI Converter

Connect  multiple video devices
to your TV's HDMI input
VGA-to-HDMI Scaler

Convert and scale computer VGA and audio to HD resolutions
VGA-to-HDMI Format Converter

Convert computer VGA and audio to HD resolutions
HDMI 4-Port Switch

Connect 4 HDMI devices to your TV's HDMI input
HDMI Equalizer / Extender

Equalize and extend your HDMI cable
HDMI 1x2 Splitter / Distribution Amp

Send your HDMI signal to two TVs
USB to HDMI Converter

USB to HDMI Converter

HDMI, DVI Cables & Accessories
USB 2.0 Display Adapter-HD

USB 2.0 Display Adapter-HD

HDTV Scaler
Convert VGA and HDTV

HDTV Receiver
Receive and display HDTV on your PC

HDView PC-to-HDTV Converter
2-way Converter: VGA to YPbPr and YPbPr to VGA


Mini Digital ATSC + Analog NTSC TV Tuner / Recorder


Extend HDMI and VGA signals long distances over CAT-5 cable

HDMI over CAT5 50M

Transmitter / Receiver 50 meters
VGA / HD over CAT5 50M

Transmitter / Receiver 50 meters

Internal Scan Converters
High quality, low cost TV-out solutions

Lucky Star Board 5.0
Lucky Star Board

AIT2138 PCI Card

Integrated Circuits

AIT2138 KLg


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